A Reader’s Gravy

Righto, so after the brief self-indulgent poetic interlude I am back to writing about books.

Currently reading And So It Goes, the authorised biography of Kurt Vonnegut by Charles J. Shields. It is so far awesome.

Mr Vonnegut is also one of the people I would invite to my ultimate dinner party. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him. Instead, I have a treasured copy of Man Without A Country that I reread on troubled days. In his own way, Mr Vonnegut became a philosopher in his later life. If you have only read Slaughterhouse 5, Breakfast of Champion, Cats Cradle etc and enjoyed them, I highly recommend you try to learn more about the writer himself. Man Without A Country is a good place to start.

If you don’t know who Kurt Vonnegut is, we need to talk.

I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the quirky life of this fine man. There’s nothing quite like a well-written book about a great writer. And the great news is, Charles J. Shields has also written Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee, which I haven’t read, but very soon will!

3 responses to “A Reader’s Gravy

  1. I am so envious. I would have love love LOVED to see him speak (or take his writing course, for that matter). Did you learn anything?

    This book is really amazing – I’m quite excited about the forthcoming review. There are so many things I didn’t know about his life. So many more books I need to hunt down. And one or two really COOL writing prompts in the offing. I think you might need a copy of it Courtenay.

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