A Local Girl’s Bias

If today couldn’t get any better (and it started with a morning off, so it’s surpising that it can!), I’ve just been alerted to a new release by Nick Earls. I follow his blog. It’s a reasonably efficient way to find out about these things…

I’m pretty excited about picking up a copy of this. Nick’s stories never fail to make me laugh. I have raved about his writing previously, and no doubt will do so again.

The new book is called Welcome to Normal. I’ll let him fill you in on its creation. Definitely don’t stay here and read my words when you have the opportunity to read his!

Welcome to Welcome to Normal, Nick Earls

I am not posting a link to an online site to purchase the book. It’s a beautiful day, go for a walk, to the bookstore and buy a copy. A bookstore and a new book will really make your day.

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