Sharing is Caring

There is a time when you learn the difference between what you love and what you do well. I love books. I love reading them and I love sharing them. But on the spectrum of people I have met in the industry, I rank as an enthusiast, not a fanatic. Which is one of the many reasons why this is now a hobby (or a skill?) rather than a career. I will make a much better doctor than I will make a pillar of the literary community, it’s just the way I’m built. The things I wish I knew when I finished highschool…

That said, I do love the work of the professionals and from time to time I will share them here. The internet is amazing in terms of how much professional writing we can access for free. However, if you are as I am, a victim of the push:pull technology paradox†, I thought you might appreciate the opportunity to have a good online read flagged every once in a while.

This week, I’d like to direct you to an article on Profanity, in the New Yorker written by one of their copy editors. I had a giggle. I’m not that old but words in print have definitely changed in my lifetime. I hadn’t really thought about the difficulties this would raise in the editorial meetings. It also features the little character who likes to collect print errors and send them to the publisher. It used to be my job to take in these corrections on reprints, and I was always amazed at the number we received from the concerned public. I am amused, but not surprised, by the correction discussed here.

Dropping the F-Bomb, written by Mary Norris.

Hope you enjoy!

† The push:pull technology paradox may be a thing, but this is a term I made up. It describes the keen desire to read things (personal or otherwise) that is frustrated by the distractions presented when you open just about any site. It can get quite stressful, they have not invented internet blinkers yet! If you have invented internet blinkers, I am all ears…

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