Are We Having Independent Thought Today?

Some more writing from the professional book world…

If you’ve been following the Freshly Pressed posts recently, you may have seen that posts about the “Like” button and its limitations have been a hot topic. This opinion piece about book reviews examines the problem on a broader scale, tying in nicely with my previous comments about biased reviews. I do feel a uncomfortable posting it. I quite like the supportive environment on WordPress. Who am I to say it’s counterproductive? Still, the man has a point.

Against Enthusiasm: The epidemic of niceness in online book culture. Written by Jacob Silverman, Slate Magazine.

Addit: Interestingly, this same article was later mentioned in a Freshly Pressed post by The Saturday Morning Post, Book Reviewing Makes Strange Bedfellows. Perhaps you’d care to weigh in on the debate.

This is a glorious historical post. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore this next link completely but I feel that we are all going to love it. In 2006, the Quarterly Conversation ran a feature called the Murakami Roundtable. It contains feature articles, interviews, reviews  and analyses of Haruki Murakami’s works, which are still available online. Murakami is a beautiful writer. His particularly fine imagery perfectly complements his vivid imagination. I finished reading IQ84 not long ago, and have been pondering over which backlist title to read next. I am rationing them out. I have just decided a leisurely read through the roundtable will inform my decision. I hope you enjoy it.

Murakami Roundtable. Quarterly Conversation.

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