A Gigglesnort For Friday

If the The Lord of the Rings were by A.A. Milne…
“What we’re going to do,” said Frodo, “is we’re going to go on an expotition.”
“Ooh” said Pippin, “what will we discover?”
“We’re not going to *discover* anything, Pippin, we’re going to *undiscover* uncle Bilbo’s old ring.”
“CAN you undiscover things?” asked Sam. “Discovering doesn’t seem to be a thing you can UN-, if you know what I mean.”
“Sam”, said Frodo, sharpening his pencil, “You haven’t any brain.”
Sam shuffled off trying to look like he hadn’t said anything, and that it was one of Frodo’s many friends and relations…” – Alison Brooks

This is the third time in 4 weeks that I’ve been laid up at home, sick. I’m most unimpressed. In my quest for cheering things to read between tea, vitamins, Sandra Bullock movies and naps, I was drawn to this little gem, highlighted by The New Yorker, in which the author has re-imagined Lord of the Rings as it might have been written by other authors/lyricists.

The extract above is just a taste of the goodness in store for you if you follow the link. I recommend skipping the versions of authors whose style you are not familiar with, reading them can spoil the effect. Apart from the above, my favourites were Lewis Carrol (Alice in Wonderland), Ernest Hemmingway and P.G Wodehouse, but there are others to choose from.

Alternative Authors’ versions of Lord of the Rings, written by Alison Brooks

  • Think someone has been missed out? feel free to have a go at your own re-imagining in the comments!
  • Similar pieces of writing often appear as McSweeney’s lists. Have you recently read or written a clever literary wordplay you can share with me?
Image credit: Fish footman giving a letter to the frog footman by Sir John Tenniel, from Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland, 1865. From Wikimedia Commons

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