15 Minute Scribble Challenge: Round Peg Square Hole

12 weeks of study left. Do you hear that brain? 12 weeks tacked on the end of four years, tacked on the end of ten. Do you think you can handle that? Tow the line just a few weeks more? I can see you have more ‘important’ things to do. Re-theming your blog, re-watching the Vampire Diaries, imagining the perfect share house for 2013 which gives way to imagining the perfect non-shared house for 2013 and beyond…recycling bottles to store the indian spices, identifying clothes to buy with future income, prioritising holiday destinations for non-student life and contemplating dating again, because that’s a useful thing to contemplate over a cheese sandwich dinner. Is it really so important to do that? Right now?

I have tried convincing you that there are drugs to learn, emergent scenarios to anticipate, a billion things you don’t know yet and would like to. We have been to the library, we have googled, we have a tiny stash of nerdy activities to enjoy. We actually can’t buy any more new coloured pens, post-its, highlighters or paperclips to motivate you because we’ve exhausted the options. Literally. It’s like you’re all out of mindmaps and synapses to hold them together. You do still have exams to do…remember?

So I’m begging. Please. It’s 12 weeks. Just focus. Or I will withhold…who am I kidding, enjoy the freedom while it lasts soon-to-return-to-full-time-employment grey matter! You’ll rue the day you watched Vampire Diaries a second time for oh so many reasons…


Scribble time again. This week your task is to write about the odd one out. The broken egg, the recalcitrant grade, the odd sock, the deformed baked good, the cow-lick that won’t be tamed…if it offends you, yell at it, if you pity it, let it know. If it’s you? Celebrate it like the breakfast club kiddy you are, or wallow in your self-pity. It’s all healthy here.

Good luck! If you’d like to share your piece, I’d love to read. Post in the comments or on your blog and link back – whichever you prefer.

You can read more about the 15 Minute Scribble Challenges here.



Picture Credit:  Public domain image, from Samantha at the Worlds Fair by Marietta Holley illustration by Baron C. De Grimm published by Funk and Wagnalls Company 1893.

8 responses to “15 Minute Scribble Challenge: Round Peg Square Hole

    • Did they pick up on the reference?

      I should be awarded marks for the stupid, irrelevant things that I have managed to keep under wraps in response to questions in my vivas. The markers are thinking ‘Ah, isn’t it a shame she neglected to mention Dupytren’s contracture (which he didn’t have) in response to our prompt about other signs in the hands,’ while I am standing tight-lipped, winning a silent battle to prevent ‘injuries from bar fights?’ coming out of my mouth.

      I need some kind of shirt – “If I haven’t said it, I’m not going to remember when prompted, unless your prompt is obscurely specific eg. Winston Churchill’s mother died of it, Ah! Syphilis!”

  1. You can do it! This is not mental and physical exhaustion you feel, it’s just a phase. It will pass. Now get to work! -cough- I hope the pep talk helps 😀

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