15 Minute Scribble Challenge: My Kingdom For An E!

All you know is up.
But you also know down,
Down so low that you want to climb out.
Climb until you find light, wind, rain…

Climb again.
I think you will find tomorrow.

Fight upwards,
Onwards, forward.
Look for laughing.
Laugh for crying.
Cry for?

Cry for?

Don’t cry.

Stand up.
Stand still.
In your spot,

Or climb and fight.
But don’t fall down again.
Not today.

– Old, New or True.

Today, for 15 minutes, try to write without using the letter ‘e’. It isn’t easy.  I suspect you may have been taking the letter ‘e’ for granted, leaving more exciting vocabulary, or more creative phrases to become all cobwebby in the attic-like recesses of your brain. Time to let them out! I warn you though, ‘e’ can be a sneaky, tricksy, relentless little devil. Quite often I reread my passages and find a little stowaway. How did you get there little fella?

This is one of my favourite writing games. I cannot take credit for having come up with it. I have been asked to do it in more than one writing course/workshop. The finished product is always surprising. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

If this is your first visit to my scribble challenge, you can read more about them here. If you happen to post any of your scribbles, be sure to let me know.

Image credit: Geopolitical map of the Kingdom of Tunisia, believed to be in the public domain courtesy of Vintage Printable.com

5 responses to “15 Minute Scribble Challenge: My Kingdom For An E!

  1. Roam to a path of light,
    Roam up high
    Soar to a patch of sky,
    Soar up high
    Hang your aspiration up high,
    on twinkling stars showing might
    Fly towards it with undying spirit,
    as winning champions scoring big

    ps: did it in more than 20 mins.. hahaha 😀 You’re good!

  2. Did you just say the word tricksy? I think I’m in luv.

    so many stars to follow
    as clocks tick
    and mothers splat onto
    blank canvas
    holding tightly to tulips
    staking claim on roots

    so many tick tocks
    as mothers follow stars and tulips
    ignorant of poisonous roots

    (Thirteen minutes)

    • Haha tricksy is a very special descriptor used for a limited number of fiendish things like hobbitses 😉 Great work! There ought to be more written about tulips.

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