Composition: Lost

How to choose, when you don’t know?
When what you want,
and what you could have,
Seem so real.

More oasis than mirage.
More solid than smoke.
More flavour than aroma.
Visible. Tangible.
The taste.
The challenge!

 And yet to take it, chase it, hunt it down…
What will you forgo?

Could you skate blithely through a simpler life?
With cares you could keep in a cupboard,
And worries you could remould like wax.

Would those dreams be as sweet?
That other life quite so full?
Would you look back? Or grimly onward?
Making friends with bitterness, regret and the what-could-have-beens.

Is life what happens when you let it?
Or must you carve it out of the lino?
Furrow by furrow, against resistance.
A beautiful image wrought through strength.
A battle described by every line.

When the battle becomes a dance,
And the dance is your own…
Is that what you need?
Are you there yet? Can you see it?
Can you?

How to know.

– Old, New or True.

8 responses to “Composition: Lost

  1. Loved this poem, Kate! Sorry I’ve been super-behind on reading. I’ve missed a few things on your blog. I’m catching up!

    Whatever this is: You can double back. You can change your mind at a later date. You can, as you said above, “just be it.”

      • That’s totally okay, Kate! As you now see, I am reallyreallyreallyreally behind on everything!

        And I am not a medical student!

        I think everyone doubles back here and there. You’re going to find your way though. You have a strong talent for writing, and you have a strong talent for medicine. (Otherwise, you wouldn’t have gotten this far with your studies, smart Kate!)

        Talent is the first rung on a ladder, I think. It gets you off the ground going in one direction, but the rest is up to you. You’ve got this. All of it. (After school is finished, you really do need to take a nap for about a week, IMHO.)

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