Coming Up For Air.


I am surfacing. I have been buried for months now beneath final exam preparation, the exams themselves, registration paperwork and graduation commitments. Some days a sea of obligation, some a labour of love. It feels good to be re-convening with my extra-curricular life. Hello out there! I feel I have missed much.

For me, that is the nature of this time of year. I find that the forced excursions into christmas shopping, the insomnia of hot summer nights and the restlessness that comes with attending activities back to back, never fails to open my eyes to forgotten passions – my paints and notebooks will be dusted off, my ‘to read’ pile re-prioritised and I will spend late night hours watching holiday television while researching language classes, photography courses and travel destinations for the year ahead. Not so long ago, this is how I discovered WordPress. Now, I am rejoining the technology race and learning to use my new iPad. It’s always a happy time. This year it seems exceptionally bright. Dare I say, the future looks promising.

In the spirit of the time, here are a few articles I have enjoyed with my precious free moments.

Some discussion about our reactions to the ending of things in literature – why we enjoy a good ending and lose patience with the bad ones.
Tyranny of the happy ending, written by Laura Miller @
On bad endings, written by Joan Acocella @ The New Yorker

Some sage insight from wise men further down the road than I. Thomas Keneally is the author of Schindler’s List (Ark) and a lovely man. I had the privilege of meeting him in my publishing stint (as one of the women at a work party he gravitated towards – though from memory, as a publishing party the room was mostly women).
Thomas Keneally: this much I know, written by Vanessa Thorpe @ the Observer,
Philip Roth has recently announced his retirement from fiction and while I have read fewer of his books than I would like to admit, that is not his fault and I can identify with his current quest to master the use of the iphone and his habit of maintaining his mental health with the assistance of post-it notes on computer monitors.
Goodbye, frustration: Pen put aside, Roth talks, written by Charles McGrath @ the New York Times

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