On reflection. The posy.


I saw a little girl today.
She was giving her granny a posy of flowers.
And I was there, a vampire with my sterile cannula,
Sucking granny’s vital blood with the very best intentions.
I am working, but in this moment I am a thorn –
Stuck-on and awkward.
It must be years since I’ve seen flowers held together like this,
And treasured by such tiny hands.
And knowing what I know, I wonder:
For each, how many more will there be?
Between these two, spans a bridge that will all too soon be a gaping void.
The small girl and her granny and that tiny posy,
All rumpled foil and wilting stems.

5 responses to “On reflection. The posy.

  1. All those moments we intrude on… The calls to family members we interrupt to insert catheters/cannulas. Cups of tea ruined by the need to convey test results….

    Sometimes I feel my ratio of ruin to repair is too high.

    Junior doc also

    • I like that measure Katie – ratio of ruin to repair – it’s precisely how I feel. I guess we’re doing ok if we still recognise it?

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