Scribble Challenge

In the interest of keeping things fresh around here I would like to introduce a space for us to play. I will be posting a challenge each week and it may take a little while for my hatchling of an idea to sprout but I’ve heard these things take patience and measured hitting of the refresh button.

I propose a 15 minute writing challenge (you may use 20 if you need to make a caffeinated beverage or do some kind of warm up stretches and or dance). Each week (ish) I will post a prompt and, when you choose, you may post your 15-minute work in the comments. I’ll highlight the best posts at the end of the week.

The important features of the challenge are that you don’t exceed the time limit. This is for two reasons, the first being that impromptu compositions are charming and rare. The second is that while I whole-heartedly endorse the art of procrastination, I’d like you to be able to get on with your day – think of this more as an alternative to poking your eye out with a pen to bring variety to a long stint at your desk or whatever your daily project may be.

Format is up to you. Humour will rank very highly. If I have to remove your comment because it would offend my very open-minded and not at all conservative mother… well you get the idea.

When you truly need a break, the only place to look for inspiration is elsewhere.

1. Litany Against Your Bad Habit.
2. Ode To A Trivial Thing That Is Making Your Day.
3. Fight The Good Fight.
4. NEW: Round Peg Square Hole

8 responses to “Scribble Challenge

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    • Thanks! It’s easy to post the results because they never turn out the way I expect 🙂 Will stop by and visit your blog really soon – but hope you feel brave enough one day to post some improv yourself. It’s liberating.

    • Hi! Glad you like it!
      I always do the posts with the ’15 Minute Scribble Challenge:’ in the title and 15 Minute Challenge as a tag.
      Usually I post my piece and the challenge underneath it all in one go (otherwise I think about what to write for too long).
      Sometimes I get a great idea but am on the run and the challenge comes out on its own.
      Am trying to keep a running list of them on the Scribble Challenge page so you can pick and choose between them in your own play time as well.
      Hope that all makes sense….

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